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A UX/UI designer who is always on the lookout for new ideas and trends by observing how things move, connect, and flow. When starting a new project, I use empathy to try to understand "who" we are designing for, "why" we are trying to do it, and "what" we are trying to solve.

I am Anusree

My career so far..

I have always been interested in technology and art since I was a child. I was certain that software engineering was the ideal discipline for me. I received a computer engineering degree from Pune University in India, where I learnt how to write and design softwares. Soon after graduation, I began working for Mphasis as a technical support engineer, assisting clients with technical challenges. This was also the period that I was exposed to dribble through a friend, where I got my first taste of digital product design. I had finally discovered a fit that combined my ambition to stay in the technology field while also allowing me to thrive artistically without constraints.

I chose to further my education and moved to the United Kingdom in 2020 to pursue an MSc in computing (UX) at Edinburgh Napier University. I had just begun to enjoy my university life, engaging in design sprints and collaborating on projects, when the pandemic struck. Following that, all of my classes were held remotely.

In January 2021, I began working as a UX design intern with the ENU school of computing on a project for the  KNX company.  I enjoyed the entire area of creative problem-solving, which combined business challenges with visual experiences. Involving users at every level of the process added a human element to the projects, which made me feel profoundly connected to my work.

I am currently employed with Amazon as an Associate (Problem Solver) while also working on UX projects. In terms of my next steps, I am constantly learning while remaining patient, consistent, and trusting the process.




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