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About the project

This was my first professional project I did as a UX design Intern.

Client: KNX

Year: 2021

UX Design Internship,  KNX

In January 2021, I began working as a UX Design Intern on a project with the ENU School of Computing. I worked with an incredibly creative group of people who helped me grow as a designer and as a person in ways I could never have imagined in such a short period of time. Despite the fact that the internship was conducted online owing to the pandemic, it had no impact on our work. Working with this group had a significant impact on my workflow and perception of UX Design. 


For transforming my life, I'll be eternally grateful to my manager and the friends I've made. Although the project I worked on is confidential, please contact me in person if you'd want to learn more about my role at KNX.


To launch a platform that empowers and connects designers, component suppliers, and manufacturers in order to develop and manufacture things faster and more efficiently than ever before. To be able to manage workflow procedures and resources digitally,  allowing all stakeholders to readily monitor status and performance.


With KNX, I worked on developing a solution for cross-domain collaboration by building dashboards that reflected the company's core values of security and responsibility.

My Role

I was responsible for for overall user experience and design. By combining dashboard conceptualisation, layout considerations, visual design considerations, and dashboard interaction, I created dashboards for three different user categories.

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